About Us

Company Profile

Crest Corporation is one of the oldest and highly respected organizations in Pakistan, with a rich history of importing goods and introducing various prestigious international brands to the local market. Crest Corporation operates as an exclusive marketing, sales and distribution channel in Pakistan and we take a lot of pride in providing unparalleled services to fulfil utmost customer satisfaction.

Our roots date back to the pre-partition period when a family from a modest background took upon the challenge from ‘tabula rasa’ and pioneered the stationary import business in the Indian Subcontinent. The 3rd generation of the same family migrated to Karachi after the partition of 1947 in pursuit of opportunities to persevere their faith, while laying the foundations for a fresh beginning. Their resilient hard work transformed the company into a flourishing and reputable business, principally dealing in office supplies/stationery.

The company ventured by the 5th generation of the same family into a group of companies, who overhauled, revamped and further led the organization into its current state of a persistently evolving success story.

Business Objectives

Crest strives to seek new opportunities for developing healthy business relations with other brands, and to explore all new horizons of mutually beneficial business prospective. The objective is to achieve excellence, bring innovation in our work, and develop a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the clients connected with us.


Our Team

At Crest, we believe that our team is our biggest asset. Therefore, we ensure that we employ skilled, focused, honest and customer-centric individuals who work in sync with each other and assist us in creating an efficacious Company that benefits all stakeholders including shareholders, employees, and customers. Our team works as a family at Crest and is the very reason for the company’s prolific achievements. The team shares a very strong bond of coordination in a healthy environment, which leads to the generation of positive business opportunities while meeting the deadlines. Our team is always willing to work together which has enabled us to complete projects, ensuing astounding success for the Company and its customers.

Our Expertise Include!

Idea Generation
Brand Awareness
Business Development
Media Communication