Aeon About Us


Crest Corporation is proud to be the sole distributor of Aeon Laser Machines in Pakistan. The objective is to achieve excellence, bring innovation in our work, and develop a satisfying and enjoyable experience for the customers connected with us in business, especially the Laser Machine industry. Aeon Laser is the professional manufacturer and exporter of Laser Engraving Machines, Marking Machines, Cutting Machines and other relevant laser equipment.


Aeon Laser Engravers are sophisticated in design, yet simple to use and sensibly priced. It’s the perfect combination to provide a great valued product, while maintaining the best customer experience possible. Our products are sourced from trusted suppliers all over the world. Before we introduce a new product into the marketplace, we visit the supplier to check out technical support, resources and production capabilities, as well as speak to their existing dealers and test the equipment for ourselves.