Pelikan is a globally renowned writing instruments manufacturing company incepted in 1838 in Germany. The brand with its vast range of high quality products in categories – fine writing instruments, stationery supplies, art and hobby paints, aim to inspire creativity & imagination among people, encouraging them to express better.Pelikan highlighter

What began as an ink and paint factory by Carl Hornemann in Hannover, Germany, witnessed a change of ownership in 1871 when the other founding father of Pelikan, Gunther Wagner came onboard and registered his family crescent, the Pelican, as a trademark for the company. Since then, Pelikan grew into a success story, with good management and vast expansions, enlarged factories and pioneering products. The Pelikan logo is now one of the oldest registered trademarks in Germany.

In 1929, Pelikan invented the first fountain pen with an innovative plunger piston mechanism and thereafter started inventing writing instruments for use in schools and offices as well as high valued writing instruments. Over the decades, the brand invented more products in the range of school & office stationery, art & hobby paints and other accessories, soon becoming a total stationery solutions provider.

Today, Pelikan Group under the helm of Pelikan International Corporation Berhad (“Pelikan International”) manufactures & distributes Pelikan products to over 160 countries and runs 8 manufacturing facilities worldwide. The company is helmed by Mr. Loo Hooi Keat as its Chief Executive Officer, President and Executive Director.

Proud of its German heritage, technology & craftsmanship, Pelikan strives to maintain the brand’s good reputation that stands for high quality, innovation, reliability, diversity and creativity in its product offerings.

Pelikan has always been a force for innovation and a highly competent pioneer in the gluing and correcting sector.

When it comes to manufacturing ink, virtually no company has a longer history than Pelikan.

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