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Trotec FamilyTrotec Product & Services laser cutters and engravers in Pakistan: Trotec is one of the leading brands of laser machines for engraving, cutting and marking. We provide you the production of advanced laser equipment for various materials such as plastic, metal, glass, leather, wood, and so forth.


The Speedy series contains flatbed lasers that are perfect for basic-level or entry-level users. These compact laser engravers are accessible with a work zone of up to 39 x 24 inch. The Speedy is the perfect laser engraving machine – whether you begin your business or need to accelerate creation. Most astounding quality segments guarantee negligible support prerequisites. The patented InPack TechnologyTM provides the highest laser lifetime in the market. The Speedy laser engraver is 100% structured and produced in Austria.

Easy-to-use Software

Speedy laser engraving machines accompany the JobControl® laser software. It is very easy to learn – a 15minute instructional exercise is adequate to begin laser engraving and cutting. With its numerous alternatives, the product is reasonable for novices and experts alike.

csm job control

Usability by design

Fastest laser engraving machines in the market 

Trotec manufactures the fastest laser engraving machines in the market. Time is valuable – the minutes spent per laser work are pivotal for your business. Your generation effectiveness gets increased by handling at greatest speed of 3.55 m/sec and 5g.

Productivity by design.

 Endless applications for your laser engraving machine

The Speedy flexx laser engravers and cutters come with both; a CO₂ and a fiber laser. Mark and engrave even blended materials in just a single procedure without changing the laser source, the focal points or the center manually.

Flexibility by plan.


sp laser cutters

The SP Series is the perfect choice for expansive format CO₂ laser cutting machines. The exceedingly effective flatbed laser plotters are perfect for requesting cutting applications in plastics, wood, textile and numerous more.
The SP Series laser cutters are 100% created and produced in Austria.

The highest level of productivity and user friendliness

Trotec CO2 laser cutters are intended for quick and exact handling of substantial arrangement materials. Highest laser cutting speed, the four-sides access and Tandem Assist guarantee most extreme profitability. Utilize the whole work zone, with no downtime. Because of high RIP and CAD compatibility seamless integration of the laser cutter into your work process is conceivable.


Highest level of cutting quality with every application

Trotec built up one of a kind, multifunctional table concept for the series of SP laser cutting machines. The perfect table for all the applications that can be chosen and supplanted effectively and rapidly. Extra capacities for remarkable cutting quality incorporate an exhaust system located at the work head, a separated exhaust system at the processing table, as well as the option of digital regulation of compressed air.

trotec mainReliable, low maintenance operation

The movement system, the drive design, the electronics and the processing head, also the CeramiCore® laser source provide the most elevated quality and offer the best execution. With Trotec InPack TechnologyTM, all delicate laser cutting system segments, for example, lenses, mirrors or engines, are ensured against dust.


The ProMarker and SpeedMarker laser machine offers simple fast laser checking. It has been intended for marking metal and plastic parts, for example, promotional articles, gifts and data-plates. With its printer driver you can operate the laser from your standard graphic programming. Trotec marking systems are 100% structured and produced in Austria.

High-speed laser marking

The ProMarker laser marker has been designed for marking huge volumes of small toHigh-speed laser marking medium-sized parts. The laser marking machine is capable to mark pens, usb-sticks or dataplates etc in just few moments.

As easy as printing

The preinstalled laser programming acts like a printer driver. It works with all illustrations, CAD and label printing software. No importing or changing is required, just use a simple print command. The software accompanies a complete material database

Low costs of maintenance

The inherent fiber laser head is practically maintenance free and totally dependable. The vitality utilization of the laser markers is low. Expenses for consumables, spare parts or laser machine maintenance do not incur.


trotec ServicesCrest Corporation is also offering services of laser cutting, marking and engraving on different materials e.g wood, acrylic, chocolates, textiles, leather, glass and many more.

Fantastic laser cutting, profound marking and engraving

Excellent quality with High speed.

Delivery within 4 days at your doorstep

From single piece to high volume


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