The History Of SHARK

Message From The Head

‘Everyone is motivated by different things. We all have our own dreams, aspirations and beliefs that drive us forward. Never think in money as the driving motive. It's simply not true.

We are in a fast-running, hyper-growth sector and it's different every day. My motive and inspiration comes from the continuous growth of our business. There's a lot of magic happening to me in the stationery industry. Great things are coming and I'm proud to be behind it, as a driving force, as a leader.

What brings me out of bed every day is the willingness and desire to create a better business and leave a legacy that affects my community and family. My daily inspiration derives from the belief in God, family, mentors, and passion / willingness to "keep going forward, no matter the obstacles."

Your mind becomes confused when you face unexpected personal issues that generate stress. It may also have a tumbling effect on your self-esteem, having an unwanted effect on how you see yourself. Doubting your abilities will adversely affect your business. To this end, make use of personal problems. See them as courses to learn from, protect yourself through resilient growth.

"Never quit," tells Shark's Salman Mubeen. Never quit. If you have a belief, and you really need to continue with this belief, then you'd be willing to sacrifice everything to accomplish the mission. If you're lucky enough to serve with the right team, they'll have the same mentality. You'll run into obstacles along the way, but how you handle them and overcome them will determine your success.

Understand that life has problems. Assess the scenario objectively. Talk to a trusted friend or family member, rather than to ignore the problem. Do not be hard on yourself and continue to think that the obstacles you face can be overcome. Surround yourself with the support network of the right people. Don't give up."

- Salman Mubeen

Headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany, SHARK as a brand is devoted to long-term value creation through its pioneering product portfolio and reliable service offerings to progress towards a strong universal communication & distribution network based on fair partnership.

SHARK’s product range comprises of school supplies, office consumables and artistic essentials. Incepted in the millennial era, the brand resonates with novelty, quality, trendiness and affordability, just like today’s consumer prefers.


SHARK’s corporate principles stand for:

  • Commit to quality, trust and German trademark
  • Create, develop comprehensive & creative product line with best of class service
  • Care for growth and shareholders value, care for environment & social responsibility
  • Compete with affordable price structure enabling diverse profitable business opportunities


Shark Stationery is flourishing as a global school & office supplies brand, and for each category we have focused goals to achieve.

  • SCHOOL SUPPLIES: Our goal is to become a pioneer of change by promoting the attempts of each child to learn, read and generate, thereby ensuring a better future and fulfilling dreams.
  • OFFICE CONSUMABLES: Increase work efficiency of professionals by providing the right stationery solutions to their everyday needs.
  • ART ESSENTIALS: Give expression to creativity and emotions with SHARK colouring & art materials.


SHARK’s production facilities are in Europe and the Far East; the brand is committed in producing and marketing quality products to fit international standards. Our products are regulated under German quality, and safety norms and all ingredients used by the company as raw materials are non-toxic in nature.

Through a network of diligent sales team and regional brand/ business partners, we are currently distributing in all continents across the globe.


Respecting the pace at which global requirements are increasing swiftly and understanding the needs of regional markets, SHARK Stationery is expanding its product portfolio across many categories.
Correspondingly, we are also progressing to expand our reach & support across the globe with utmost sincerity and dedication.
So if you are interested to partner with us, feel free to connect!

Remember, SHARKS can only swim forward!